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to take you out to live pictures in san francisco coming from our fox affiliate, our san francisco affiliate. the reports there is a fire on an oil tanker, the oil tanker has collided with a tower of the bay bridge. if you're not later, connects san francisco and oakland, heavily traffic bridge, thousands among thousands of cars cross this bridge. remember the earthquake that hit san francisco and the bay area in the late '80s, that was the bridge heavily damaged. the breaking news, this will tanker supposedly has collided with a tower of the bay bridge. the coast guard is responding to this issue. live pictures coming in from our fox affiliate out of oakland in the san francisco bay area where that conference is happening right now. a quick break, the closing bell ring he 16 minutes from now. we will be right back. cheryl: here is your fox business market check. many have plunged after rallying strongly last week. look at the big players in the space. all moving lower. you can see the numbers on your screen. u.s. solar company which ipos hitting new highs today after many analysts
on at $60 billion bullet train from outside san francisco to los angeles. the build gigantic water tunnels 30 miles long at gigantic expense. california is back on fantasy island. not a mention of state worker pensions, middle-class flight, massive debt and no mention of tax review g. phil mickelson. it is still the formerly golden state. straight to the new york stock exchange, the dow is closing in on an all-time high. a few seconds from now we get the latest reading on another bright spot in the economy, new home sales coming, the dow is up 40 points, 14865. it is there for almost precisely 300 points away from its record all time closing high. we are on all time high watch on "varney and company" not this friday morning that may be in the very near future. it is friday. here's our friday company. liz macdonald, charles payne, on for -- where is your tie? nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. i have got to go straight to you. what do we have here? i want to talk housing. what have we got? housing numbers in. up, down 7.3% month to month, down 7.3%. up until now housing h
a terrible idea says leland yee from san francisco. from texas, susanna likes the idea of the teachers packing heat. >> because of my background i know what it is like to be in a defenseless situation that is there to execute lawyers can protect themselves, chiropractors can protect themselves, why can't teachers? they are like second-class citizens. john: years ago you restaurant when a dead man came in and killed your mom and dad? >> 23 people. the first real mass shooting in 1991. john: people say tougher gun laws. views say the opposite. and you wrote a book about it. explain your reasoning. >> at that time you could not get a concealed carry permit. they did not exist. i would leave my gun in my car we were having lunch. a mad man drove his truck to the window and began executing people. i cannot tell you what it is like to be a fish in a girl waiting to be your turn. it just prevented us from being able to protect ourselves. john: leland yee you disagree? >> i used to work in the school as a psychologist. i don't know if any teacher or administrator that wants to carry a gun into
? the founder joined us from san francisco. had rino which cannot get scammed? >> we spend our time making sure the loans on the website are legitimate. we do it through three methods. we find local field partners to make sure their legitimate organizations they are the business plans of the men and women. a farmer in the philippines trying to buy a cow for a dairy business. they get on the website from the local field partner. then there audit to make sure it is true. if not, then we shut them down. as you get to repaid you know, the business has earned enough money to pay you back. then you can withdraw the money back or landed to another entreprenuership. john: looking at the distance i would assume most do not get paid back? >> over the last seven years repayment is an 98%? that is hard to believe. why? >> the poorest people on the planet, a 2.5 billion the wonders served by the banks don't have collateral or credit scores. but they have friends and neighbors and self select and to group of women, over 80 percent go to women the mud they pick people that theyey trust. if one of the eight w
now from san francisco is the analyst who made that call. they first on fox business interview. $38 per share. is facebook back? you say it is. >> we think it is. the key negative thing for investors is they were monetizing. basically zero revenue. that was really the inflection point. we think that can go to 25% in q4. the big negative conception was facebook couldn't monetize especially mobile. we are seeing that change recently, and newer ad formats. the facebook exchange getting good traction. cheryl: the monthly subscribers on a mobile side. with regard to facebook but the big question is the monetization of the mobile. that is a massive spread your talking about from the third quarter to the fourth quarter. when it comes to the ad revenue, how are we going to see that big of a jump in mobile advertising? where is that going to come from? >> 14%, but the end of the quarter about $3 million per day rate at $270 million project roughly $350 million during q4. we look at quarter three, we think it'll be a reasonable list. cheryl: staying on the mobile team for just a moment. i thi
san francisco. from texas, susanna likes the idea of the teachers packing heat. >> because of my background i know what it is like to be in a defenseless situation that is there to execute lawyers can protect themselves, chiropractors can protect themselves, why can't teachers? they are like second-class citizens. john: years ago you restaurant when a dead man came in and killed your mom and dad? >> 23 people. the first real mass shooting in 1991. john: people say tougher gun laws. views say the opposite. and you wrote a book about it. explain your reasoning. >> at that time you could not get a concealed carry permit. they did not exist. i would leave my gun in my car we were having lunch. a mad man drove his truck to the window and began executing people. i cannot tell you what it is like to be a fish in a girl waiting to be your turn. it just prevented us from being able to protect ourselves. john: leland yee you disagree? >> i used to work in the school as a psychologist. i don't know if any teacher or administrator that wants to carry a gun into a classroom or school. then wh
to this. san francisco 49ers makes homophobic comments. the pr machine now working overtime on that. it is stories like this that keep public relations firms in business. charles payne is with us. he has opinions coming up next. ♪ ♪ stuart: it is a pr nightmare for the san francisco 49ers. one of the players said he would not accept a gay teammate. "we do not have any gay guys on the team. they have to get up out of here if they do. cannot be with that sweet stuff. he was quick to backtrack and he said this. the derogatory comments i made yesterday were a reflection of my thoughts in my head, but they are not how i thought. then we have the official pr response "his intent was not that at all. he is one who celebrates the differences of others. all of this was a big mistake. it was interpreted wrong." they really give the pr industry a whole lot of business. it seems to be that pr is damage control around absolutely everybody who is out there that says anything. charles: if you are in the public light, you have to be correct. you cannot stray from that to matter how you feel. i
. that was my job. >> panhandling as a job is common in san francisco, young, healthy kid beg for spare change. >> got to eat. got drink. >> tried to interview some of the kids. >> wake up in the morning, start drinking, good to bed, do it again. pretty much the same. >> they have the most deep-seated sense of entitlement i've ever come across. >> want to be able to sit where we want to. >> nobody is going to make us. >> punish homeless people for being homeless when insufficient shelter space is unavailable. >> homeless advocates say government should solve this problem by spending more on social services, shelter, subsidies for affordable housing, jobs programs. >> this is a solution that is utterly irrelevant to these kids bought they're not planning on settling down. they don't want housing. >> rely on the generosity of othe. >> and there's some generous people. >> there sure are. >> thank you so much, sir. >> this beggar collected $8 in less than an hour. >> half minimum wage. >> can you help me, mam? >> that's me with a beard. >> thank you. >> since people wouldn't give john stossel mone
they plan to do this? i know you're joining us from san francisco. they have big names, but how do you plan to make this a reality? >> it is an excellent question, and actually remarkable how you can improve the quality of education while dramatically cutting the price if you start with a clean slate. when you get to reimagine every aspect of the university from your criteria and compose your class to the way we are delivering instruction and to construct a curriculum your student experienced models, where they live and how they experienced those four years through career services and alumni model, you can figure out what are the ways in which we can increase the quality and every one of those steps while reducing cost making sure they are accessible and affordable. david: as far as i understand it, this is an online model, is that correct? if it is an online model, i would wonder if a parent of a student, i'm talking about boston college where my daughter goes, but still a lot of money. i would like to cut that but necessary for an online experience because there is experience campus that
city like l.a. or san francisco? you decide to turn the web as the opportunity to find something you can afford, right? but where do you look? trulia is hoping you will count on them. trulia contracted commuter map, it will help you exactly with that. what about time? what about safety, a map for that, what about where you should eat, whole foods, the gym, there is a map for that. your kids, how far away are the schools, there is a map for that, so how is trulia using social media to get ahead in the real estate business and make money? they are publicly traded. there is an app for that. cofounder and ceo joining me now in a first on fox business interview. good housing numbers, good construction numbers although you could have seen it coming, couldn't you? you almost are a predictor of what the data points are really going to look like, right? >> we have an amazing view of the housing market. what is selling, what is not selling. we pulled some data, not only the housing market recovering, but it is accelerating. prices are starting to grow. we saw 5% growth year-over-year, and iand
,000. by the way, 60,000 kids are disabled. that follows the san francisco nurses' strike, the west coast dock workers strike, and, of course, the death of 20. many say that unions made hostess go bust, so seriously, david asman says big labor is alienating an angry and more people by the date. explain. >> you really only care about twinkies. the fact is that this could get ugly. the last school bus strike there was a new york was 1979 and that lasted three months. three months of disabled kids not being able to get to school. if they do they will be given passes and then the tax money which could cost hundreds of millions of dollars more for a strapped city. so taxpayers have lost all patients with their public-sector unions on this particular issue. neil: we see a lot more of these issues. unions, it's going to be annoying to the general public. that is part of the strategy, but is this too much so? >> when i worked for the heritage foundation and cover the wisconsin issue of remember this exact same thought. if you really care what your job of educating children or busing and to school, wir
time. we will show them to you. shove them off. that's good. first up, and san francisco that taxman is giving twitter and other companies a break for charitable contributions by giving away promotional tweets to local organizations if. planning to offer of $60,000 in promotional tweets to nonprofits . how much do you think these are even worse -- fourth? for this strikes me as a ploy to get a tax break on something that is hard to quantify the value of. >> first of all, i am in favor of tax breaks for business, but one thing this gives you a break from, the city decided is a smart idea have a local and a half% payroll tax on employees that are hired was the company was unable to. what would you go out of your way to discourage it? what i don't like is it is not as the same as on the boat. when they give out tons of lumber to eric in place, that is costing real money. twitter, those don't cost anything, and it is infinite and is really kind of an imbalance. >> out demonetized amount you put a value one? and i agree. almost always a good thing to encourage business. local businesses,
, former ceo of paypal and intuit. he is not in new york today. as you can see he is in san francisco. bill, you were among those who thought this crisis might lead to some kind of restraint on spending. not so, bill. in fact there is going to be more spending. if you throw the sandy bill in. there are a lot of good people in the new york area who need the sandy bill but it will feed a lot of bureaucracy in washington as well. is all hope for cutting spending lost? >> well, it is only half a loaf but i think there is a lot to like in what happened last night t should have happened a lot sooner than that and, unfortunately i think washington is becoming the entertainment capital of united states. i hope that moves back to hollywood. but within, what we did get and you're right, only the tax increase. it is not the spending cuts and entitlement restraint that we need but what we did get was 3/4 of a trillion dollars of deficit reduction. david: whoa, let me stop you there, bill. you're assuming that this new revenue is going to reduce the deficit. i don't assume that at all. in fact if you lo
and the san francisco 49ers and the raiders and the chargers. if they play in florida or go play in texas, that is 13.5% raise automatically. with the salary caps in professional sports there is no way for them to adjust to give them more for the state tax. it is an automatic raise. melissa i want to point out one other thing. tiger woods within the hour came out and said that is the reason he left california in 1996. not only does he like it in florida, one of the reasons but also a big reason is because of the tax circumstance. melissa: that is a great button on the segment. i didn't know that. that is perfect example. we've seen tennis players go down to florida and lots of people. it is classic. california thinks they're getting that extra $1.8 million but they end up losing out on all the income because people just leave. thanks so much for coming on the show. we really appreciate your insight. good stuff. >> thanks, melissa. thanks for having me. melissa: so if you can put aside the debt ceiling debacle and the fiscal cliff fiasco there is actually hopeful news in the housing market
first job was san francisco in the mid-1970s and it was paradise on earth, a wonderful place to live but i don't want to go and live there now. it is not just the taxes. i don't want a state that takes everything off me and gives me traffic jams and regulations and climate control policies and all the rest of it. >> and tell you what to do, what you can and cannot do. new york, california, these places people are going and realize they cannot even be myself and make my own decisions. i am going to florida. stuart: jerry brown wants to pass a bill, or the legislature does, that will exempt thousands of public sector workers from any kind of pension rollback. are you familiar with this? >> no, i am not. stuart: a proposal to roll back pensions in the public sector. the legislature says no, you can't do that, absolutely not california's budget is still in a mess, i think. >> right now they haven't had any constructional reform, which is what they need. especially on the local level. right now what they're really wanting to do is bail out the local cities going bankrupt. stuart: would yo
the afc crown and a chance to play his brother. san francisco forty-niners and the big game. 28-24 yesterday. played one week from sunday in new orleans. kick up its 6:30 p.m. eastern time. i don't expect immediate to blow up this battle. melissa: was there mom on morning television? who will she reform. the camera on her during the game. dad. both football players before the begin coaches. we have been down this road before. i'm getting excited about this. the buccaneers fan by marriage can be very tough. all right. coming up tonight, the jobs council has not had an official meeting in one year. set to retire at the end of the month. our power panel will discuss. tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. don't miss it. melissa: there are several ahead in our programming. live programming. business leaders being greeted with our survey as they gather for this week's world economic forum. comments made by hillary clinton this weekend. lori: he has had it with high taxes. he's going to leave the country. we have those stories and more coming up. ♪ tracy: good afte
regulations, and excessive tax, that's just not where you want to be. >> reporter: from san diego to san francisco, wealthy californians are bailing out. >> we have had a tenfold increase in calls from various parts of california, particularly los angeles and the bay area where many people are seeking to find a way to leave the state. >> reporter: some already have. >> it never stops. it is pay a little more this year. pay a little more this way. pay another business tax here. there is no end. so we decided to end it. >> reporter: after california voters raised taxes on the rich. california taxpayers earning more than a million dollars paid a combined top rate last year of 45.3%. today, that is 53.8. five points more for the feds, three more for the state. >> how much pain do you put up with something you think is illogical. >> reporter: peter farrell is considering moving his medical company out of california. while this tax consultant has multiple clients, studying a similar move. >> as soon as prop 30 happened i saw just a huge change in the mind set. it was almost as if, you know, we
-month high. according to freddie mac the average rate of 30-year mortgage is 3.42%. >>> a san francisco appellate court vacate ad jury verdict against mattel after mga entertainment was awarded $80 million in claims relating to those brats dolls. that's the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper tracy: please somebody tell us what parked the fire aboard a dreamliner in boston two weeks ago. federal investigators are holding a briefing right now and rich edson has the details. hey rich. >> don't know the reason and don't know when the planes will go back in the air. that is the bottom line from the briefing from the ntsb, the expectation is never to see a fire aboard a airplane and keg sans of these events can't be understated -- significance. the lithium eye on battery experienced a thermal runaway and a fire and they're trying to figure out exactly why. the federal aviation administration grounded all the 787 dreamliner after the battery caught fire. another failure forced an emergency landing of a tokyo bound flight. transportation secretary ray lahood said governme
sales cutting into chipolte's cost. this is something they will be trying out in san francisco. let's take a look at the major markets. the dow jones industrials, by the way, new five-year highs on the dow and the s&p today. about 400 points from our all-time high. names like ibm, after earnings, doing quite well. dagen: chipolte. thank you so much. so much sodium, it makes your hands and feet swell up. connell: the ceo of jpmorgan is calling for more regulation or fighting his critics that are calling for more. we need the right regulation, not war rules. dagen: the final days as treasury secretary. i'm talking about timothy geithner leaving the post at the end of the week. where will you go and how easy will the confrontation before jack glue? take a look at world currencies. ♪ >> at 90 minutes past the hour, i am patti m brown with your fox news minute. talk of britain leaving the european union. eu membership will be up to a referendum. voters should decide whether the uk should stay in the 27 member euro zone. the first priority is renegotiating the eu treaty. timothy geithne
think maybe in phoenix or maybe in san francisco. what was really unusual about the recent boom is that it was nationwide. that is very unusual. one thing we have to guard ourselves against is expecting recent history to just repeat itself. the last really big housing boom that we have seen in this country, before the 21st century build, was in the 1940s. they just are not to be expected. i think home prices could go up. this seems that the cme is predicting it to go up. that is plausible. it is not to get excited about. connell: the stock market, just to pointed out, we are close to 13,000. the consumer confidence is her. payroll taxes went up. maybe they are not as confident as they thought. >> the problem is, we have been to the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. history shows that crises like that, leave lasting scars. it is like the flu, you think you are ready to go back to work and several weeks later, you realize you still do not feel right. the idea that we will be off to the races again just does not sound right. connell: we are a few years out from t
zealand adding new flights to new zealand out of san francisco in april. hawaiian airlines adding flights in march to new zealand. more flights. more available seats should bring pricing down both for air fare and vacation packages on the west coast as well. melissa: colombia gets a bad rap. you say that is good place to travel right now? >> colombia knows there is image issue. tourist folks have tongue in cheek catchy phrase, only risk is wanting not to leave. there is dubious past in colombia. in the last 10 years there is extra investment by major hotel chains, hilton, j.w. marriott, intercontinental adding new reports on the ground. spirit airlines, jetblue, adding new flights down to colombia. much of the negative image is starting to dissipate. some issues in the south of the country but a lot of destinations to the north and middle part of colombia maybe it viable and attractive destinations for south america. melissa: finally nyeing a gra falls -- niagra falls. >> quintessential honeymoon destination. niagra falls is example of a destination taking example of improving feeling for
're not flying to beijing or shanghai and you are not flying to l.a. or san francisco. costing a lot of money. here in the u.s. netted airlines has four of them flying. they have that many cancellations per day, we won't even notice it. but for japan airlines, this is severe. lori: let's talk a little history. he brought up the 740 sevens when it was first introduced something like 40 years ago had some hiccups as well. a classic airline now, it is flying, it is a standard aircraft equipment. what is the likelihood this turns out to be just a hiccup getting started for the 787 and it picks up from here, or is it a total bust? what is your take? >> i think it will be a hiccup. it may be a very big hiccup, but it will be a hiccup. the other example is coming out in the late 1950s. they put lockheed out of the airline business because of major problems. i don't think that'll be the case here. lori: the passenger business? >> right. lori: thank you so much, appreciate your time and your analysis. >> thank you. melissa: we want to bring you the latest on hostage situation unfolding in algeria righ
the recession. places like phoenix, san francisco, detroit bouncing back even. and las vegas. those are the winners. what are the losers? well, ones we continue to talk about from the last month's report. new york continues to be the worst market. a loss, the only loss in the 20-city index. chicago also low on the list. chief and -- cleveland and boston the others. we're in the mill creek community. this is development outside chicago in the chicago market. i have the secret to it. you're building spec houses, craig. people aren't doing that anymore. why are you doing that? >> we found tremendous response to it. the generally the public has to wait until their home is sold to buy now. once they do they need a to move right away. >> if you have something ready for them they're ready to go? >> we have literally something for everyone. we keep a large inventory. >> a tip for homebuilders. look at their stocks as you might guess based on case-shiller, all the homebuilder stocks are up 3, 4% in some cases. next hour we will have year-to-date on the homebuilder stocks. you are making big
ability and social aptitude. and trading up $0.13, $8.04 sense. san francisco train riders getting wi-fi. free wi-fi for riders. the $2.8 billion of a grade and on board communication devices. video stream from the train cars. also means riders can access the service as well. here is a way to make the best of freezing temperatures. the colorado international snow's tent -- championship brought in sculptors who make everything from mongolian horses to bears and a lot more. that is your west coast minute. dennis: bad news good news for the housing sector, home sales down in december unexpectedly bought up for the year. we have a guest i had who says the recovery is real and sustainable. cheryl: we have regulation nation, new rules forcing the porn industry concerned--to consider leaving california. one of the biggest names in the business, stephen hersh is here. as we go to break look at the winners on the s&p and netflix again. of big winner on the s&p 500. the sixth new numbers show home sales through the number last year. the housing recovery is sustainable. al gore fighting the hand
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)